Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Heading to Jamaica to promote, teach and coach Wrestling

Some may know, many do not but I was invited to participate in an inaugural Wrestling Camp held in the Island nation of Jamaica, starting Sunday.

Wrestling is a new sport on the Island of Jamaica that has been accepted as a qualifying nation for the Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee. 
We (4 other US coaches and 5 Canadian coaches) will be traveling through several Parishes around the Nation to promote, build and coach the Sport of Wrestling in Jamaica.

This said, if you have any old wrestling shoes, t-shirts, shorts, headgear, anything wrestling related that is just sitting around and you will never use and you would like to donate to the students of Jamaica, please let me know and I can organize a pick-up and bring it with me. 

Jamaica is an extremely poor nation and the kids participating in Camp are barefoot, wear jeans, etc; they need some Wrestling gear!

Please let me know asap and I apologize I haven't touched base sooner; I will be leaving this Sunday.

Thanks all,

Coach Pistone
Head Wrestling Coach
University of Southern Maine

President NEWA 2010-14'