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Sunday, July 31, 1994

Hall of Fame Inductee: Wally LaFountain - CONTRIBUTATOR

One of the Old Guard Officials and Coaches that maintained the integrity and good name of wrestling in Maine and across the country.

Started wrestling programs at Bergenfield, New Jersey, High School and at Winslow(ME) High School and assisted other schools in starting their programs through exchanges, clinics, school assemblies, and demonstrations.

Charter member and president of the MIWOA for 16 years.

Served on the National Federation of High Schools Wrestling Rules Committee representing District I 1982-1986 (New England, New York and New Jersey).

Officiated wrestling for 27 years including 17 years as a member of the New England Intercollegiate Wrestling Officials Association.

Conducted wrestling rules clinic throughout the state.

Served as wrestling officials liaison to the then MSSPA.

Coached wrestling at Winslow 1959 and 1960 and again 1986-1990.

Established the Friendship Series Cultural Exchange Program with the State of Nebraska and directed it for ten years.

Have acted as liaison with the AAU international programs hosting the Soviet National Team, Polish, Austrian and Dutch teams and served as team leader on Maine’s AAU Cultural Exchange to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Inducted into the Maine Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1994

Member of MAWA and MAWA Board of Directors

The aforementioned statement barely scratches the surface in trying to extend appreciation to Wallace LaFountain who has dedicated over seven decades to help promote the world's oldest sport.It's through LaFountain' unrenting efforts that has provided a stage for thousands of Maine student-athletes to enjoy competing.
LaFountain regrettably completed his final official act at the Maine Amateur Wrestling Alliance banquet in July.He had served as the Hall Of Fame chairman for the last six years and became well known for his well polished wit and humor.The countless stories of past events was a history lesson of wrestling in the Pine Tree state.
LaFountain has worn every tag imaginable over time and there was simply no task to big or to small that he wasn't willing to take on and then it would be done correctly.
"Of all the "old timers" who go way back in the sport. Wally has stayed with it as long as I can remember," former coach Jerry Perkins said.

LaFountain, who was inducted into the MAWA HOF in 1994, had initially arrived in Maine after having started a wrestling program at Bergenfield High School in New Jersey.In 1958,he created a program at Winslow H.S. and assisted other schools in starting their programs through exchanges, clinics, school assemblies, and demonstrations.
"I had two year and four year (coaching) stints at Winslow," LaFountain said.

LaFountain had utilized the light in order to correctly call pins, amid the shadows illumined under the mat light.Three years ago, LaFountain was presented with a replacement light andhe graciously accepted it
LaFountain had helped in forming the MIWOA in 1968 so certified official's oversaw every meet.The charter members were, Tank, Keith Lancaster, Al Graceffa and LaFountain who served as its President for the first 16 years.

LaFountain became a well-respected referee and every one knew the matches would be done professionally.He also spent 17 years as a member of the New England Intercollegiate Wrestling Officials Association.He also served as wrestling officials liaison to the then MSSPA(Maine Principal' Association).
Wally has done so much for the sport from his refereeing," Scarborough coach Ted Reese said.

Always with a smile, Wally still had firm opinions and high standards, you knew where he was coming from."
LaFountain was always on the look out to increase the visibility of wrestling and in the 1970s, together with the late Gary Kent, those exhaustive efforts really paid off.He acted as liaison with the AAU international programs and between 1974-77, Maine hosted the Soviet National Team, Polish, Austrian and Dutch.In '75, he served as team leader on Maine's AAU Cultural Exchange to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.LaFountain was accompanied by coaches Ted Reese and Bill Haskell.

"No one has done more over a longer period of time for Maine wrestling, than Wally," Perkins said.

Wally is symbolic of what is good about high school wrestling in Maine today."
The momentum of the Friendship Series remained on the back burner for several years, however, things changed dramatically in 1984. LaFountain and Mick Pierce of Nebraska both served on the National Federation of High Schools Wrestling Rules Committee.

LaFountain was the Maine team leader of the FS for the first 10 years and together with his wife Audrey were integral parts of the exchange.Unfortunately, Audrey passed away in June.
"Of course Ihange has lasted for 20 years," LaFountainsaid." It's a popular program both here and in Nebraska.It's been a super extension for opportunities for Maine wrestlers.

"Wally was a fine team leader," Reese said.

LaFountain clearly is one of the old guard officials and coaches that maintained the integrity and good name of wrestling in Maine and across the country.